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Midnight Liasons

Title: Midnight Liasons
Author: Me!
Disclaimer: Characters are property of David Eddings- I'm just twisting them to meet my own kinkish needs.
Synopsis: Sparhawk and Kalten have a little midnight tryst.
Warnings: None, really.
Rating: NC-17

The heavy oak door slowly opened and Kalten peered around the edge. The room was spartan in decoration, like all rooms at the Chapterhouse come to think of it. All of the scant furniture served practical purposes. He let his blue eyes adjust to the dark, the sconces on the walls had long ago burnt out. There on the bed, stretched out and asleep, lay Sir Sparhawk- Queen's Champion, Prince of Elenia, husband of the Queen, father of her Royal Princess Danae, Anakha, and Kalten's boyhood friend. Kalten smirked. Sparhawk wore a lot of hats, but he would always be just Sparhawk for Kalten. The smirk broadened into a grin. Sparhawk didn't normally stay in the Chapterhouse. He and Ehlana were having a marital dispute, and Sparhawk had been resting his rump here for more than a month while the storm, hopefully, blew over in the palace.

Slipping into the room and quietly closing the door behind him, Kalten approached the bed. He opened his simple robe and let it fall from his shoulders. It pooled with a whisper at his bare feet, and he allowed himself a vain once-over of his body. Kalten was, he supposed, a handsome man. Many a serving maid had affirmed this belief. Tall, muscular, blonde, and graced with boyish good looks, the hulking knight had somehow managed to escape showing his age. He heaved a sigh. Kalten and Sparhawk both were now in their late forties, and even in the dark, Kalten could see the silver that now graced his friend's temples.

Turning his attention from himself to Sparhawk, Kalten's gaze was appreciative. Sparhawk sprawled atop the covers brazenly naked. Equals in size, Sparhawk was dark where Kalten was blonde. Sparhawk sported more scars, wide and purple, and his broken nose was his own trademark. Kalten stared, riveted, at Sparhawk's cock. Thick and erect, it beckoned Kalten from across the room. Sucking it was an oppurtunity too good to pass up.

He padded across the room and kneeled at the bedside. Calloused fingers gently lifted it from its nest of dark curls and slowly pushed the foreskin back. Smiling wolfishly, he licked once across the head, briefly tasting salt as pre-come spread acoss his tongue before swallowing the cock whole until the head nudged its way down his throat. His tongue eagerly wrapped around it, and he quickly found a fast pace, sucking furiously as he pulled and tugged Sparhawk's balls.

Sparhawk moaned and his hips instinctively began to thrust his cock deeper into Kalten's throat, which only encouraged Kalten further. He buried his fingers into Kalten's blonde hair and begged, "Oh Kalten, more." Kalten grunted his response and massaged Sparhawk's perineum. Sparhawk gasped, roughly pushed Kalten's head down as he came, spilling his seed into Kalten's mouth. Kalten drank every drop and carefully licked Sparhawk clean before leaning back to smirk at Sparhawk.

"How did you know it was me?" Kalten asked.

"Because you're the only one who's ever done it." He said quietly, shrugging as he did.

"Not even Ehlana?"

Sparhawk shook his head.

"I'm sorry." Kalten said with a grin as he climbed onto the narrow bed. Sparhawk shrugged again as he draped his long legs around Kalten's shoulders. They had done this more when they were younger, sneaking into each other's rooms. There was never any affection more than the love of one friend for another between them. The sex was practical, like the furniture, and served a mutual purpose. To them, it was just sex. Always had been and would remain so.

Sparhawk felt Kalten nudge at his entrance and asked, "We're doing this dry?"

Kalten managed to look sheepish. "I forgot."

Shaking his head, Sparhawk whispered in Styric and handed Kalten the small tankard that had been sitting on the headboard. Kalten dipped his fingers inside, coating them in the oil and then slicked his cock and Sparhawk's arse. He then pushed his length into Sparhawk with one full slide. It was his turn to gasp. Sparhawk was tighter than he remembered.

Steadying himself, he fucked Sparhawk steadily, his cock hitting Sparhawk's prostate with every thrust and eliciting a moan from each of them. They both prefered a slow fuck to a fast one, and Kalten watched Sparhawk harden again. He stroked the other man's cock in time with his deep thrusts, and when Sparhawk came a second time, his arse clinching around Kalten's cock, Kalten swore under his breath and suddenly pounded into Sparhawk, filling him with come.


Laying in his own cot, arms tucked behind his head, Kalten smiled quietly to himself. Ehlana and Sparhawk should fight more often.
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*sighs happily*

This is the most wonderful thing to come back to after three days of no slash at all. I loved it -- short, smutty and to the point. And I could totally imagine Kalten pouncing on a sleeping Sparhawk -- it's just so him. =p
I LOVE YOU! Not read it yet though, sorry.
I was just randomly searching LJ & found this community, I have never seen anything for David Eddings before, especially not a slash-fiction community.

& it just so happens that the Sparhawk book sets are my fave.

*saves for future reading*
That was really interesting. I like Eddings' books, but I've never seen any slash pairings (and fics) from his stories. Kalten/Sparhawk is a really good pair, the fic was strange (but fascinating) mixture of sadness, guilt, friendship and passion.

There should be definitely more Eddings slash (and - generally - more fics written like this). I hope you wrote something more... *looks for other fics*