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Ooh, I can't believe it! A Eddings slash community *stares in wonder*! I've been looking all over the net for that! Just wanted to say hi. ^_^ No I'm gonna go and read a few fics. If I happen to find some Garion/Zakath smut around here, my happiness will be complete. But I'll read anything really. ;)
Oh and btw, I know of this Eddings fanfiction site, it's mostly het, sorry, but there's one pretty good Liselle/Ce'Nedra femslash, right at the end of the page, it's called "When the king is away" or something like that... You probably know of it already, but I'll post the link anyway...
Here it is: http://kryogenix.org/afe/fanfic

Oh and if any of you know about some other websites, I'll greatly appreciate it if you can give me the links. Thanks ^_^
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