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The Ashabine Oracles

What Torak forgot to say

David Eddings Slash
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LJ's first-- and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the only-- community for David Eddings slash of every pairing imaginable. Bel/Mal, Ele/Tam, Althalus or Dreamers, it's all welcome here. Slash from Eddings' other books are also welcome, but for the most part, this will focus on his works of fantasy.

The mod flits around a million fandoms so if this place looks dead, that's why.

Just a few rules to make this place look official:

1) No flaming, obviously.

2) If you're an Eddings purist, and accidentally stumble across this community, don't join just to rant and tell us we're all disgusting. You will just be put in the stocks and flogged and will have rotten vegetables thrown at you. Oh, and you'll also get booted out of the community.

3) For the love of all seven Gods, use the LJ cut. Don't know how to use it? Go here.

4) Drabbles, icons, fan art and the like are all more than welcome.

5) Het (M/F as opposed to M/M or F/F) is not. This isn't called a slash community for nothing.

6) Disclaimers and warnings on fics are mandatory. We don't want anybody getting sued or squicked.

7) Because this is a small comm I don't mind if the odd off-topic post crops up. However...

8) NO -- and I do mean no -- advertising of rating communities. I'm dead serious. Do not promote that shit here. I hate rating comms and what the hell do they have to do with Eddings slash anyway?

9) Spread the slashy love!

Eternal thanks to blackletter who made the divine Torak icon.

Disclaimer: The characters and place names found within all belong to David and Leigh Eddings. They are simply being borrowed; no money is being made and no copyright infringement or disrespect is intended.

--Your friendly Kal butterballs *snerk*