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Second Half

Here's the rest of it -- enjoy! Oh, and no snerking allowed.

Silk grimaced. What he'd truly hoped to be doing that morning was to observe Mandorallen buggering a certain Algar lord in the baths, but this had turned out to be too great an opportunity to pass up, and if he played his cards right Lelldorin could prove to be an invaluable aid in his private goal of bedding the knight himself. "No, not at all," he said; "at least, not with anything that can be put off. Do you want to start immediately?"

"Certainly!" said Lelldorin with confidence. "The sooner I learn about Algar ways, the sooner I can teach Mandorallen."

Silk felt a surge of excitement at the mental image this had produced. "All right then," he said calmly, belying his eagerness. "But I'm warning you, some of their customs will seem very strange to you, and they might frighten you. Are you sure you're patriot enough to swallow your fastidiousness? The Algars are very free with each other, and I've noticed Arends tend to be very aloof."

"I'll do whatever you tell me," said Lelldorin eagerly.

"All right then," said Silk again, and after a moment's hesitation he said: "Er, I'm going to start now. All right?"

"Yes, yes," said Lelldorin impatiently; "let's get on with it." He wriggled beneath Silk, settling into a more comfortable position, his arms still around the Drasnian's neck, and Silk, taking a deep breath and steeling himself to go slowly lest he frighten the archer off, lowered himself upon Lelldorin's body, matching chest to chest and hip to hip, until he covered the younger man completely. But instead of kissing the smooth boyish lips like he wanted, he tucked his face into Lelldorin's neck, not wanting to push him too far, too quickly.

Lelldorin stiffened, but then relaxed, and Silk felt the arms around his neck tighten again. "Good," he said into the pillow; his voice was muffled, and he hoped Lelldorin couldn't feel his erection against his hip. "Now move your arms against me."

Lelldorin hesitated, then his hands settled on Silk's shoulders, moved to his back, his waist. Silk held his breath, hardly daring to move. "Yes, that's it," he said; "very good. Keep moving them, keep touching and stroking me."

"Like this?" asked Lelldorin anxiously, and his hands began to make circular patterns on Silk's lower back. He bit back a moan and said,

"Yes – good. Now nuzzle against my neck."

"All right," said Lelldorin, and the Drasnian felt his skin constrict with cold chills as the archer snuggled up against him, nestling his face into Silk's throat; carefully Silk answered the gesture, brushing his lips against the skin. After a moment's hesitation Lelldorin did the same, and Silk's hair nearly stood on end. He wanted to latch onto the skin of the Arend's throat and suckle it 'til a bruise appeared, but he restrained himself and said carefully:

"I'm going to try kissing now. I warn you, this is where most men find themselves too craven to continue."

"I'm no coward; I'm a patriot," said Lelldorin firmly. "I've been kissed before; I am married, after all. Let's get on with it."

"Well, if you insist," said Silk, raising his head. He looked at the young man beneath him, his auburn hair splayed out on the down pillows; Lelldorin's face showed neither diffidence nor fear. Encouraged, Silk lowered his face to the Asturian's and kissed him on the lips.

Lelldorin flinched a little, but gamely kissed Silk back; he seemed a little nonplussed when the Drasnian didn't break the kiss, and when Silk tilted his head to get a better angle, brushing the seam of the archer's lips with his tongue, the little thief felt Lelldorin's previously relaxed body go rigid, and his hands stopped their circular movements on Silk's back. Silk pulled back and looked down at the younger man. Lelldorin seemed puzzled and a little shocked.

"I thought you said you'd been kissed before," said Silk dryly. "You call that a kiss? The Algars would laugh you out of their enclave if you tried to pull that on them. Let's try this again."

"All right," said Lelldorin, his eyes hesitant. But when Silk put his mouth on his, Lelldorin, in an effort to seem more confident, opened to the kiss and with a barely concealed groan of relief Silk was able to slide his tongue into the archer's warm mouth. He turned his head, moving into the kiss, delighted when Lelldorin in his eagerness to please also pressed his tongue into his partner's mouth, and for a moment they lay there, bodies entwined, lips and tongues tangling and suckling, until Silk could tell the Arend was having as hard a time catching his breath as he was. He pulled away; Lelldorin opened his eyes, seeming surprised to find them closed; he was breathing shallowly through his lips, which were red and moist.

"Much better," said Silk, noting clinically his voice was husky. "Almost as good as an Algar. I told you that you had a penchant for this."

"Almost as good?" protested Lelldorin unhappily. "No, I have to be just as good, or I won't be able to teach Mandorallen anything. Can't we practice some more?"

Silk's heart leaped, but he forced himself to look doubtful. "Well, I suppose," he conceded; "it couldn't hurt, and we have plenty of time. But you're going to have to do something besides kiss, you know – you need to keep moving your hands."

"Like this?" asked Lelldorin, reaching up to kiss Silk, and sliding his palms down the sides of the thief's torso.

Silk drew in his breath with a hiss, shifted his hips uncomfortably, and, unable to contain himself, thrust his tongue into the archer's waiting mouth. Lelldorin responded eagerly, arching up off the bed to reach him, his hands everywhere; for a moment it was a knot of limbs and pillows and doublets, until Silk pulled back with an impatient exclamation.

"Belar damn this shirt to perdition," he said irritably, fumbling with the throat lacings. "It keeps wanting to creep up my neck. Help me out of this thing, will you, Lelldorin?"

"Very well," said Lelldorin, sitting up and unlacing Silk's shirt and doublet with unsteady fingers. Silk played absently with Lelldorin's own collar; when he flicked one button open Lelldorin looked up at him curiously, his flushed face open and naïve. Silk grinned and unbuttoned the shirt completely, then reached down to Lelldorin's belt and unbuckled it.

"I'm getting a little ahead of myself," he said offhandedly, tugging the shirt over the archer's unresisting arms. "But we're going to have to shed our clothes eventually; we might as well do it now and save some time later."

"Sh – shed our clothes?" said Lelldorin, looking apprehensive. Silk tossed the doublet onto a nearby chair where it landed in a green heap; he noted to his dismay the Arend's hands had dropped.

"Yes," he said crossly; "didn't I tell you some of the Algar customs were a little over the top? What's wrong; are you afraid?"

"No, of course not!" said Lelldorin indignantly, flushing an even deeper shade of scarlet. "But – I didn't realize we'd be getting undressed; you didn't say anything about that, Kheldar."

"You didn't really give me a lot of time to explain, did you?" said Silk, his voice cold. "Well then, patriot, I'll tell you right now what we're going to do, and if you're too afraid to continue we'll just stop right now and forget the whole thing. We're going to get completely undressed, you're going to lie back on the bed, and I'm going to teach you how the Algar men pleasure each other when the women are far away in the wagon trains. Do you think you can do that, Asturian patriot, or is this too much for you?" He waited, holding his breath, watching the play of emotion on the archer's face; first fear, then dismay, then embarrassment, then a stiffening resolve.

"I can do this, Kheldar," Lelldorin said firmly, and went back to unlacing the Drasnian's doublet. Silk laid his hands over the archer's, arresting him in his movement; the Arend looked up, startled, at the thief's serious face.

"Do you trust me, Lelldorin?" he whispered, lifting one hand to lightly finger the archer's lips.

Lelldorin gazed back, pale eyes limpid and credulous; his lips parted, and Silk traced their outline with the tip of his finger. Hands trembling, the archer hurriedly finished unlacing Silk's shirt and drew it off over his head. But before Silk could lean over to kiss him again, he felt the Asturian's hands on the front ties of his trousers, and he looked down in gratified surprise. Lelldorin didn't notice; he was concentrating on undoing the fastenings as quickly as possible; his face was pink with embarrassment and his fingers shook, but he was obviously quite game to go through with it.

When he pushed Silk's trousers down, his underlinens slipped as well, and the thief's erection sprang free. Lelldorin stared at it in amazement, then looked up at Silk, quailing at the desire darkening the Drasnian's eyes.

"You're – " he began, then stopped, biting his lip; he was too uncomfortable to continue.

"Yes," said Silk dryly. "Aren't you?" And he reached down to unfasten Lelldorin's leggings. He could see the telltale bulge beneath the thin fabric and cupped it with one hand, squeezing lightly. The Asturian gasped and threw his head back, his eyes fluttering closed.

The Drasnian smiled, released Lelldorin's manhood, and quickly divested the younger man of his trousers. He looked down at the archer's cock; it was stiff, long and slender, and the head was purple and damp. Lelldorin lay limply beneath him, flushed and breathing erratically; Silk could see lust and apprehension mingled in his pale eyes.

"I – I didn't know – " he panted, as Silk lay down on top of him again. This time the physical contact of heated skin touching was like a shock of static; the archer's hips twitched, first away from, then up against Silk's, rubbing their erections together. Silk moaned and latched onto Lelldorin's mouth, which opened eagerly to his; their kisses became more frenetic as their hips ground together, sending sparks of pleasure through them both. The thief was vaguely pleased, through the bolts of pleasure the writhing form beneath him engendered, those hot nimble hands were clutching at his back, obviously attempting to continue in the circular pattern as originally instructed, but spasmodically grasping and flexing on his skin.

Lelldorin was flailing, eager to please but lacking direction; pulling his face away from the Asturian's Silk grasped the slim hips beneath him firmly and said, his voice hoarse: "Hold still – wait – let me show you – " and pressed their cocks together, dragging his up and down Lelldorin's length. The archer gave a great groan and gripped Silk's upper arms with his hands, digging his fingers into the muscle. Silk hissed, half in pain and half in gratification, and Lelldorin thrust up, unable to control himself.

"I said, hold still!" said Silk; he was desperately afraid the Asturian's frantic movements would trigger a premature orgasm, and he had no desire to end the seduction in such an awkward fashion. Lelldorin opened clouded, heavy-lidded eyes; breathing erratically; Silk took hold of the sharp points of the Asturian's pelvic bones and pressed down into the mattress. "Look," he panted, "just hold still. Pay attention to what I'm doing but quit jumping around."

"I'm sorry," gasped Lelldorin; "it's just that – that it feels so, so – "

"I know," said Silk, and lowered his face over Lelldorin's hips.

The archer moaned loudly when Silk drew his tongue from the top of his balls to the tip of his penis; Silk had to hold him down by the hips, he was writhing and twitching so much. Silk drew back again, frustrated.

"Lelldorin," he said firmly, "if you don't hold still, how do you expect me to teach you how to do this properly? If you keep jumping and squirming I might accidentally bite you, and I don't think either of us wants that very much."

Lelldorin's eyes opened, he looked both contrite and anxious. "No indeed!" he exclaimed. "I'm so sorry, Kheldar; I'll try to hold still, but honestly, you didn't tell me it would feel quite like this." A shadow flickered across his boyish face and he frowned. "Are you certain this is all right?" he asked fretfully. "I mean – I wouldn't want anyone to, to walk in – "

"We're fine," Silk said, rubbing the archer's lean muscled thighs soothingly. "No one will come in, and if they do, we'll just explain what we're doing, and they'll understand. After all, it's for the good of Arendia."

Lelldorin instantly brightened. "So it is!" he exclaimed. "You're right, Kheldar; I apologize. Please, go ahead – I'll try to concentrate and pay attention this time, and I promise I won't make you bite me."

Silk patted the elongated stomach and grinned down his pointed nose at the archer. "Good boy," he said gloatingly, and bent down over Lelldorin's cock again.

This time when he took the head of the cock into his mouth Lelldorin did not arch up, though he quivered and a deep moan came out of him. Silk took in the entire length, then dragged his lips up until he was sucking on the head. He smiled when he heard the archer moan again, and released him.

"You see what I'm doing, Lelldorin?" he asked in a husky voice. "You need to be gentle at first, and don't be afraid to suck."

"I . . . see," gasped the Asturian. His hands were fisted into the coverlet, and his limbs were stretched out taut. "Please . . . go on . . . "

Silk reached up to cup Lelldorin's tight sacs with one hand, and wrapped the other around the cock, putting the head into his mouth again and stroking slowly. After about a minute of pumping, when the archer began making a peculiar mewling noise and his hips arced up off the bed, the Drasnian took the slick cock out of his mouth, though he kept stroking and tickling the sacs. "You need to use a lot of saliva," he whispered, his breath hot against the damp skin. "It aids in movement."

"Yes," groaned the Asturian, his hips twitching spasmodically. "Please . . . "

"Your skin is flushed," said Silk, his voice soft and thick. "Your shaft is so big, pulsing in my fist. I love tasting it in my mouth. Can you feel me, stroking you? Can you feel my hands on your sacs?"

"Yes!" sobbed Lelldorin, his hips convulsing upward. "Your mouth again – please!"

Silk smiled and flicked his tongue around the head of the cock; there were pearly drops leaking out of the hole and he lapped them up, savoring the tangy, salty flavor. "You taste so good," he murmured, and put his mouth around the shaft again. Lelldorin gave a great gasp, his hands coiling like claws in the duvet, twisting and pulling in his tension; the thief sucked the entire length down, feeling the head hit the back of his throat, then pulled back, using his hand to bunch the skin down around the sacs, slick with spit; he pulled up and in again, starting a tense quick rhythm that set the archer's hips to bucking. He let go Lelldorin's sacs and groped for his own cock; it was hot and ready, pre-come beading at the tip; he pumped it in time with his ministrations on the Asturian's; when the first tentative shocks of pleasure started to build he couldn't suppress a groan. The vibrations around Lelldorin's shaft undid him; with a loud cry the archer thrust up into Silk's mouth and hot acrid seed spilt out onto the Drasnian's tongue; Silk swallowed, slurping and sucking the aftershocks into his mouth and dragging the skin of the archer's cock down firmly to the base, where he held it, quivering and spent, still stiff in the thief's fist.

He let go his own shaft and crawled up the length of the archer's body, trembling and covered in perspiration; Lelldorin was panting roughly, eyes closed, limbs limp. Silk lay beside him, wrapping his arms around the long slim form, and tipped the Arend's face around to kiss him gently on the mouth.

It took Lelldorin a moment to respond; he was still quaking with the aftereffects of his release and was sluggish. He kissed languidly, torpid and sated. Silk regarded his relaxed form a moment contemplatively, fingering his own cock; then with a satisfied smile he ran one hand down Lelldorin's torso, lingering over his nipples and navel, fingering the damp pubic hair and limp member.

"That was the first part of the lesson," he said to the almost insensate archer. "Do you think you could do that?"

Lelldorin opened his eyes, after blinking a few times he managed to get Silk back into focus. "Yes," he panted, "I think so." He shifted onto his side, looked down the thief's body to his shaft, rigid and stiff. He reached tentative fingers down, brushing softly up the length; Silk hissed and closed his eyes.

The Asturian ran his fingers up and down the turgid shaft a few times, then nuzzled his face into the cusp of the Drasnian's throat and kissed him. Silk smiled, thinking how easy it was to debauch the trusting; a half hour ago Lelldorin would have quailed at the thought of touching another man's cock, but now he not only did so willingly but also kissed and nipped like a whore in the process. He pulled back, wanting more.

Lelldorin looked up at him, an injured expression on his face. "Am I doing it wrong?" he asked anxiously.

"You'd be doing it exactly right, if that's what I wanted you to do," said Silk with a tight grin. "But we've already covered the mouth and the pleasure it can give. There's another thing you have to learn to do, that Algars do all the time."

"What is it?" asked Lelldorin eagerly. If it were anything at all like what he'd just experienced, he was only too willing to be instructed.

"It's a lot more difficult," said Silk warningly, tapping Lelldorin playfully on the nose with his finger. "In fact a lot of men are terrified of it. Are you brave enough to try to become skilled at this art? I warn you, there are very few who would even be willing to try."

"Except the Algars, of course," said Lelldorin ingenuously.

"Yes," agreed Silk quickly. "Except the Algars. They're quite adept at this, and find it produces great pleasure – for both parties involved, which is why it's far superior to what I just showed you; using your mouth is good for the person you're with, but leaves you a little – " he took Lelldorin's hand and led it to his cock again " – unfulfilled."

The archer frowned, eyebrows creased, thinking hard; then he said slowly: "You mean – this next thing will not only help you release – " he tugged a little on Silk's erection, eliciting a suppressed squeak from the thief " – but it will make me release again, too?" He cocked his head, considering. "I've never released twice in one day," he admitted. "Ariana never wants to try more than once or twice a week. I suppose it's something women don't like to do. But men can do this?"

"Yes indeed," said Silk, solemn despite Lelldorin's hand around his raging cock; "the Algars do it all the time. It's quite enjoyable, but it has to be done properly." He sighed melodramatically. "If only we could instruct all the Mimbrates in this art!" he said in a mournful voice. "How the relations between those two dissimilar races would improve! Why, I'm sure Algar and Mimbrate would embrace each other as brothers, and all business disputes would surely be a thing of the past."

"Well, let's do it then!" cried Lelldorin enthusiastically, sitting up so that his hair flew in wild disarray around his shoulders. "I can't wait for you to teach me, so I can in turn teach Mandorallen. How gratified he'll be!"

"He certainly will be," said Silk, curbing a snicker. He groped around for his clothing, finally finding the small vial of oil he'd secreted in his doublet earlier, in the hopes of luring a certain Mimbrate knight into his chambers. "Here we are," he said, holding it up for Lelldorin to see. "This is sperm-whale oil, essential for our next lesson."

Lelldorin took the bottle; it was a beautiful little vial, blown in red glass and gilded about the edges. "Sperm-whale oil?" he said. He shook the bottle meditatively. "Sounds expensive, and hard to procure. How do Algars get sperm-whale oil?"

"It doesn't have to be sperm-whale oil," said Silk impatiently, taking the bottle back. "Any oil will do. I just happen to like this particular oil; it's very fine, and works better than the other oils I've ever tried." He unstoppered the bottle and poured a little oil into his palms; it was thin, barely viscous, and had a heady scent. He held his hand out to the archer, who dipped his finger in it and rolled it between the pads of his forefinger and thumb, smiling appreciatively.

"Kheldar," he said, beaming at the thief; "I'm so grateful to you – you're so generous in teaching me this art! And I’m certainly blessed by Chaldan in that you're so knowledgeable about both oils and the Algar customs. I don't know how to thank you."

"Don't mention it," said Silk firmly, eyes flickering up to the Asturian's. "Believe me, very few others will understand. Let's just keep this between the two of us for now, shall we?"

"And Mandorallen," said Lelldorin innocently.

"And Mandorallen, of course," grinned Silk. "All right. Are you ready? Because I certainly am," he said, gesturing to his cock.

"I'm ready," said Lelldorin confidently. Silk noticed his flaccid member was already starting to thicken.

"Good. First order of business – ah – " He palmed his erection with his oiled hand, giving an involuntary gasp; he felt as though if he worked too much oil in he'd release then and there. The thought of masturbating in front of the Arend was certainly titillating, but he had other plans for his penis. "I'd best – not do this too much or I'll – release – too soon." He took his hand away, noting clinically how much he was shaking with desire. He looked up at the archer, eyes hooded; Lelldorin's gaze was fixed on the thief's manhood, glistening with oil; his own hand absently toyed with his half-hard cock. "Now," gasped Silk, pouring more oil into his trembling hand and setting the bottle down on the table beside him. "Turn around and kneel with your hands on the bed."

Lelldorin automatically started to obey; then the implication of what Silk was doing and suggesting finally broke through his naïveté and he turned, shocked, to the Drasnian. "You – you don't mean – " he began, his voice quivering.

"Yes, I do mean," said Silk. His voice was tight with craving; he had been holding off too long, and now he was this close he did not mean to be thwarted by the archer's scruples.

"But – but it will hurt!" Lelldorin exclaimed, sitting down hard on his bottom to prevent the Drasnian getting near it. "I know it will – I've heard of this before, heard of boy-whores used like this. You can't mean the Algars submit to this willingly!"

"I do, and they do," said Silk impatiently. "Boy-whores are hurt because the men who take them don't know what they're doing, and don't care if they hurt them or not – in most cases, in fact," he added judiciously, "they WANT to hurt the boys; they do it on purpose. But this – " he gestured with the oil " – prevents it hurting, this and other precautions. Lelldorin, I'm not going to lie to you – it'll feel uncomfortable at first – but your body gets used to it." He paused, looking cautiously at the Asturian. "Mine did," he added, his voice roughening.

"You've – had it done – " Lelldorin asked hesitantly. He still looked frightened and unsure.

"Yes, of course; how else do you think I learned to do it?" asked Silk irritably. "Look, Lelldorin, I thought you wanted to do this; I thought you wanted to learn how to bridge the gap between Mimbrate and Algar, and bring about a social reform that would revolutionize and revitalize the fortunes of Arendia. What's wrong, are you too afraid to do this? Are you a coward? Are you too timid to learn something new, even when your country's wellbeing hangs in the balance? I thought you were a patriot!"

"I am a patriot!" cried Lelldorin, stung and mortified. "I'm no coward!"

"Prove it then!" said Silk, exasperated; he knew that if he didn't find release soon it would start to hurt, and he was so close he could smell the musk, the male scent of Lelldorin's taut body. "Turn around!"

Slowly, reluctantly, Lelldorin turned with his back to Silk; when the Drasnian got his first full view of the round creamy globes of his backside it was all he could do to keep himself from coming right there. To sink into that virginal bottom -- ! The archer heard Silk move on the bed, walking forward on his knees up to him, saw the feral look of lust in the Drasnian's eyes, and gave a nervous whimper. "Are you sure this is the only way?" he begged, his pale eyes full of trepidation.

"It's your patriotic duty," said Silk firmly. "Bend over."

Hesitantly Lelldorin bent forward to rest his torso on his hands, and Silk got a good look at the smooth muscular orbs of flesh, divided by a thin tight crease. He put an oily hand on one cheek, and the archer jumped at his touch.

"Lelldorin, you need to relax," he said soothingly, stroking the skin comfortingly in a circular pattern. "If you're tense it might hurt."

"It's going to hurt anyway," said Lelldorin. His voice shook.

"It doesn't need to," argued Silk. "But you have to relax; you have to trust me. I do know what I'm doing, after all." He put his other hand on the other cheek and started to massage his fingers into the muscles, willing them to loosen. "It's all right," he crooned, stroking and kneading gently. "I've done this before, and had it done to me on many occasions. It feels so, so good, inside and out. Trust me."

"Will – will you let me – do this – back to you?" asked Lelldorin shakily.

Silk shuddered, reached quickly between his legs to squeeze the bottom of his sacs hard, trying to suppress his orgasm. "Yes," he said raggedly. "Oh Belar, Lelldorin, you nearly made me come just by saying that."

"I did?" Lelldorin looked around his shoulder at Silk, his voice relaxing. "You want me to?"

"Yes," groaned Silk. "Oh gods, I want to feel you in me."

"It feels that good?" The archer's voice was still a little apprehensive, but curious now.

"Yes, yes!" Silk's fingers tightened on the Asturian's ass; he had stemmed his release but could feel it building again. "It feels like heaven . . . Lelldorin . . . "

"All right," said the archer, and Silk could feel the muscles relaxing beneath his palms. "If you're sure it won't hurt – just – talk me through it, will you?" he asked anxiously. "Then I'll know how not to hurt you."

"Yes, all right," said Silk. He was nearly sobbing with suppressed need. He took a deep breath, attempting to collect his thoughts, and said, his voice trembling: "First – I'm going to run my finger up the seam."

"All right," said Lelldorin, starting to tense up again.

"Relax!" said Silk desperately. "I won't be able to do anything if you don't relax."

"All right." Slowly the muscles slackened, and the Drasnian drew one trembling finger from the small of the archer's back down the cleft to his sacs. Lelldorin drew in a sharp breath, but the globes remained soft. Silk ran his finger up and down the seam several times, until the Asturian had grown accustomed to the feel; then he said hoarsely:

"Now – I'm going to rub the oil in between the globes."

Lelldorin did not speak, but only nodded once. Gently Silk pried the seam open and ran an oily finger up against the dark hidden skin; Lelldorin jumped when the fingertip brushed his opening. Silk continued down to the archer's sacs and rolled them around in his slick fingers for a moment, seeking to distract him; then he drew his fingers up inside the crack again, lingering on the pink puckered hole.

There was a muffled groan; Silk looked up at the archer. His head had drooped, sagging between his shoulders; his arms were shaking. "Lean down on your elbows," Silk instructed him. "It'll be more comfortable."

"All right," whispered the Arend. He rested on his arms, effectively spreading his cheeks wide for the Drasnian's ministrations; Silk bit back an anticipatory moan.

"I'm going to – to touch your hole," he said tightly, and before Lelldorin could react laid a tentative finger over the opening. He saw the muscles contract, then slowly loosen, and he started to circle it lightly. He knew this was a critical moment and didn't want to rush the archer, but at the same time he was wound so tight he knew that if he didn't release soon it would be too late for hours. So he wet the hole with his finger tip, making sure he had enough oil in the wrinkles, then whispered:

"I'm going to press down on it."

"Go ahead," said Lelldorin softly. Silk's ears perked up; the Arend's voice was sluggish, sultry; it sounded as though he were enjoying the sensations. With one hand Silk slid down past the swinging balls to the archer's cock, delighted to feel it harden beneath his touch; with the other he pressed down on the tight puckered opening, and his heart leaped – Lelldorin moaned and pressed back.

"Do you like that?" whispered the thief.

"Yes," said Lelldorin, barely audible.

Silk stroked the stiffening length of the Arend's cock, pressing and circling the hole, listening to the archer's breath hasten and grow erratic. He increased his pressure and pace, and to his satisfaction the long lean back arched up, thrusting backwards so that the archer's bottom pushed against the thief's nimble hands.

"You like that," panted Silk, delighted.

"Chaldan," moaned Lelldorin.

"No, Kheldar," grinned Silk, stroking his cock faster.

"Kheldar – "

"Relax," said Silk, and slipped his forefinger in to the first knuckle.

Lelldorin hissed and jerked back, but Silk was ready for him and held him still, pumping the stiffening cock and lightly rotating the tip of his finger. "Shhh," he whispered; "give it a moment."

The ring of muscle contracted, then slowly loosened; Silk said again, "Relax," and pushed the rest of his finger in.

The archer quivered, and Silk didn't move, letting him get used to it; after a moment the muscles slacked, and he was able to rotate the finger, groping lightly downward until he found a smooth hard lump, upon which he pressed down firmly.

Lelldorin gave a whimper, then, to Silk's surprise and gratification, tipped his hips so that the Drasnian's finger touched it again.

"That's your sweet spot," whispered Silk, starting to pump his finger in and out.

"Oh gods," breathed Lelldorin.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh. Yes."

"I'm going to put in another finger."


Silk withdrew his forefinger, pressed two fingers against Lelldorin's hole and pushed them in slowly. Lelldorin hissed again, but didn't jerk back; he waited, and Silk waited, until the opening stretched, then the thief pushed them all the way in.

"You see?" said Silk. "Once you get past the opening it feels good."

"Belar, Mara and Nedra . . ."

"I'm sure they approve. Do you like this?" He started to pump the two fingers with the same rhythm he was using on the archer's manhood. Lelldorin didn't answer, but thrust back against him with a kittenish mewl.

"That was rather incoherent."

"Silk – "

"Three fingers."

"Oh gods."

This time Lelldorin gasped and clenched his buttocks; Silk continued to stroke him, murmuring against his lower back gently while he slowly rotated and flexed his fingers.

"You have to stretch the skin slowly. Once you're stretched it stops hurting."

"Yes – I see – oh great Chaldan – "

"I thought you were calling me Silk."

"I'll call you anything – oh gods – "

"A little inaccurate but very flattering. Shall we try four fingers?"

"Oh gods – oh gods – oh gods – "

"Here we are then." He didn't hesitate at the entrance but thrust all four fingers into Lelldorin's hole, preparing him for the upcoming discomfort. The archer gave a great sob, then thrust back against him, his entire body quivering. Silk could feel his own excitement building again, which had slackened during the insertion of the first two fingers; his cock was sticky with pre-come and aching with need. He rotated and flexed his fingers, stretching out Lelldorin's opening, then withdrew and said:


The Asturian's breath hitched but he said, "Yes."

Silk got up on his knees and positioned himself at the archer's backside, his hands gripping the cheeks and pulling them apart; he set the weeping head of his cock against the oily opening and pushed.

The head slipped in easily, though the ring of muscle contracted once; Silk groaned and said shakily, "Relax," and felt the opening ease. The two men were still a moment, neither wanting to move, both fearing the coming pain; then Silk said, "Ready?"

"Do it," said Lelldorin through gritted teeth, and clenched his hands in the coverlet in expectation.

"I'm – going to go in a little ways – then come back out – and back in further," panted Silk, nearly weeping with yearning; he wanted nothing more than to pound into the Asturian's ass until he came, but knew that though that would satisfy him initially it would most likely prevent Lelldorin from aiding him further. "It's to – get you used to me." Then he slid halfway in.

Lelldorin's back arched, and his buttocks clenched; it was with great effort he loosened his muscles. When Silk felt the contraction ease he slipped back, thankful he'd used enough oil, then pushed in, a little further.

The long lean back arched again, but this time the Asturian's head dropped back, and Silk could see a look of open-mouthed ecstasy on his face; encouraged he pulled out, then thrust himself in fully.

Lelldorin gave a jolt beneath him, but Silk was so firmly entrenched in the tight passage he hardly budged; he saw stars and couldn't tell whether they were of pain or pleasure. "Stop!" he grated, grabbing the archer's hips; "don't move – let me move."

"OH GODS," yelped Lelldorin, clenching the coverlet in his fists as Silk started to move slowly in and out. "Oh, gods – "

"Belar," gasped Silk, watching his cock slide in and out of Lelldorin's bottom. "Nedra's nipples, you're so tight – " Unable to restrain himself after his extended anticipation he quickened his pace, and Lelldorin gave a heart-stopping, agonized squeal. Silk, with a tremendous effort at self-control, paused and panted, "Am I hurting you?"

"DON'T STOP!" shrieked the Asturian, shoving his ass against Silk's hips; the thief's eyes nearly crossed as the sparkles of pain and pleasure commingled shot through him, and he started pumping, still afraid to let himself go to the extent he desired. But Lelldorin would have none of it; it was as though a beast had been woken in his groin and he started to flail, thrashing back around the Drasnian's cock, grinding them together; Silk found himself shouting, pounding as hard as he could into the Arend's backside accompanied by his partner's chorus of squeals, squeaks and shrieks of "Harder! Harder! Oh Chaldan! Silk! Oh gods! Harder!"

The thief's forehead started to throb, and he felt the tight hot precursor of his climax building and spiraling within himself; he let himself go, hips pulsing madly against Lelldorin's ass, the sound of wet skin slapping wet skin nearly as loud as their cries; he felt the archer palpitate suddenly, give a wrenching screech, and the tight slick passage clamped down around him; with a howl of satisfaction Silk released.

He felt his seed shoot out, felt the burst of intense ecstasy, the climactic throbbing; then with a relieved groan he collapsed. Lelldorin crumpled beneath him, still quivering with his orgasm; they were nothing but a tangle of damp limbs and sticky members; for the archer had, as Silk had promised, released a second time, and nearly drenched the down pillow in his rapture. They lay still, panting, trying to catch their breaths, to soothe their hammering hearts, sweat-slicked, oily and sated.

Lelldorin, being younger and more recuperative, moved first, twisting around beneath the smaller man's body until they were belly to belly. He wrapped his long arms around Silk, hooked one leg over the thief's knee, and nuzzled his throat, pushing their hair aside so his nose nestled against Silk's skin.

"Thank you," he murmured.

Silk gave a breathy laugh. "My pleasure," he said, his voice thick with irony.

"Mine too, really," admitted Lelldorin, and they both chuckled together. Silk wound his own arms around the Asturian, reveling in the smooth young skin, running his sun-browned hands up the pale white limbs; after a moment Lelldorin spoke again.

"So, am I ready?"

"Hmm?" said Silk. His eyes were drooping; he felt drained and in need of a quick nap, and was disinclined to talk.

"Am I ready?" asked Lelldorin. "For Mandorallen, I mean."

Silk's eyes flew open. He had almost forgotten, in his expense of ecstasy, his deeper plan. He thought quickly for a moment, then stretched and rolled away from the archer.

"Perhaps," he said cautiously, sorting through the pile of random clothes for his underlinens. "I'm not sure you're up to Algar standards yet, but it's certainly a start."

Lelldorin propped himself up on one elbow, watching the Drasnian dress. "Do I need more practice?" he asked brightly.

Silk looked quickly at him, suspecting enticement, but the archer's face was as trusting and sincere as it had ever been. He quelled his inherent inclination to leap back onto the bed and let Lelldorin practice all he wanted; there would be time enough for that later – besides, he would need at least an hour to recover from that mind-blowing orgasm. "Probably so," he said, forcing his voice to sound regretful. "After all, in order to teach something properly you need to be fairly well-versed in all the proprieties. I imagine three or four more lessons would probably see you well on your way to being every bit as good as the average Algar male."

"Really?" Lelldorin seemed pleased, and wriggled delightedly on his bed. "That would be splendid, really! Oh – " he hesitated, looked down shyly at the coverlet, then coyly looked up at the Drasnian through his lashes. "May I . . . call you Silk?"

"As I recall you already did, several times," said Silk dryly, fastening his trousers. "You also called out to several of the gods, but I don't recollect them answering."

Lelldorin laughed, stretched out on his bed so that Silk could see his entire length. To his amazement the archer was already rigid. He watched, suppressing his sudden thrill of excitement, as the Asturian dragged circled fingers from the tip of his cock to the balls, then pulled up again, grinning up at the thief.

"When will I get my next lesson?" he asked, stroking himself firmly.

Silk wet his lips, eyes eager. "This afternoon," he said, his voice suddenly sounding thick in his throat.

"All right, then," said Lelldorin, cocking his knees open so Silk could see his sacs tightening and rising. "I'll tell Barak and Garion I won't go boar-hunting with them today, then. I'll just wait here for you and – " his breath hitched, and his hips twitched upward. " – practice."

Silk hurriedly buttoned up his doublet and smoothed it down. He smiled shakily at the Asturian, straightened his hair. He approached the bed, looking down with blatant admiration at the archer's self-pleasuring; Lelldorin with an ingenuously flirtatious grin was teasing him, daring him to stay. But – there was so much to do, to prepare for -- "You do that," he said huskily; "I'll be back this afternoon to finish your – " he licked his lips and Lelldorin giggled " – lessons."

"Promise?" whispered Lelldorin, eyelids drooping, the rhythm of his hand increasing. Silk swallowed hard and nodded, and with a last smile and salute he quit the bedchamber.

"Whew!" he whistled softly, shakily hurrying down the hallway. "That was . . . better than I'd hoped." He paused at the head of the stairs, feeling the weak trembling in his knees that was the aftermath of a satisfying release. "If I hurry," he thought to himself, "maybe I'll catch Hettar and Mandorallen in the baths." With that he skipped down the stairs, lightly whistling a jaunty tune, polishing his ring on his doublet.
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