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uhm, yes. this is the first time i post here.. i just wrote this in about 15 minutes, it's not beta-read or anything, and my english quite sucking at the moment.. also, i have not written anything for ages O_o;; yet i hope some of you may like it ^____^ comments are very much appreciated!

Title: Praying
Author: your humble me
Wordcount: 309
Disclaimer: characters etc are all property by david eddings
Warnings: not any, really
Pairing: suggested Stragen/Bevier


"You are quite pale today, you know."
Bevier startled when he finally noticed that it was him Sparhawk talked to. Of course, as he was the only one in this chapel. Lifting his gaze, he tried to gain his composure.
"Also, you are quite.. skittish. Not your usual behaviour, Bevier.."
Bevier cleared his throath. Just when his mind had finally come to an end of a savage search for a good answer, the silence was broken by the opening and closing of the chapel's door, followed by the nearing sound of steps. Soft steps, he automatically added. "Well, I.." he opened his mouth to give the answer.
"Oh, Sparhawk! I didn't think you would be here this early, didn't Ehlana want you to accompany her on an excursion through the countryside?" Stragen loftily asked, simply ignoring the fact that it was rather uncommon for him to be in this chapel as he was no churchknight.
"Well, she decided to postpone it. Until tomorrow. Danae wanted to have some more attention, and as we can not take her with us, Ehlana is currently cuddling with her and pampering her again." the tall Pandion answered, in a somehow amused voice. "Anyways, don't you think our dear Bevier is kinda pale today?"
A grin spread across Stragen's face. "Ah, yes, indeed. Must be because he was up all night."
Bevier's face suddenly reddened a bit. "Uhm, yeah, I was here all night.."
Sparhawk's gaze wandered from Stragen's grinning face to Bevier's slightly blushed one and back. "Oh, is that so?" He tried to bane all amusement from his voice.
Bevier nodded. "Yes, I.." he was cut off by Stragen's laughing voice.
"Yes, he was here in the nearby surroundings.. I can testify that." the smug grin on his handsome face even widened.
"And he has been praying most submissively all night."
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