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Saturday, March 21st, 2009

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Subject:Oh goodness.
Posted by:karadarkholm.
Time:6:41 am.
It looks like this group has been abandoned.  I'd hate to find my only source of Eddings Slash dried up, and I'm not that good of a writer when it comes to the style of other people.  Fanfics are my weak point.

So if we could... maybe jump start it a little bit?  I could post something I think maybe next week, if I can get off of my butt and get started.  

So yeah, why did this dry up?

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

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Posted by:about_the_lime.
Time:12:53 am.
Title: Umm...Untitled?
Rating: PG-13 because ZOMG there is talk of sex.
Series: Elenium
Ficlet, Martel's POV, one-sided Martel/Sparhawk. This has been sitting on my computer for ages and I thought I might as well get around to posting it. blueyeti beta'ed it for me, and has my thanks for it.

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

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Subject:Beta Search
Posted by:una__sola.
Time:2:30 am.
Mood: dizzy.
Hi! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster (in so far as I can recall -- I might have commented once or twice) and I'm looking for a beta for a piece I wrote about Martel. I haven't read the books in a while and I don't have access to them where I am, so part of what I'm looking for is an accuracy check.

If you're interested/willing, please let me know.


Monday, September 19th, 2005

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Posted by:kelpie667.
Time:10:13 pm.
I drew this a year ago, when I read the Elenium books again

Sparhawk and Martel in Arasham's tentCollapse )

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

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Posted by:bowie_spawan.
Time:9:25 pm.
Mood: cheerful.

Martel/Sparhawk fanart (that grumpy thing in the back is Kalten).


click to enlarge :D

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

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Posted by:pickybitch.
Time:4:07 pm.
Without Words
By Danii
Summary: *sighs at self* Inspired by Silk’s assurances to the Earl of Seline that Garion’s odd accent would be corrected ‘when we have leisure’.
Disclaimer: None of these characters or the world they live in is mine. I am using them merely for amusement and get no profit from it. Also, I is po’ so trying to sue me is silly.
Distribution: If you like, put it up, email me the location, and make sure my name’s on it. That’s all.
Dedication: To m’Lars, and m’Abby. I think you can guess why. And to m’Beth. Cause she’s m’Beth.
Warning: Slash. Yes. That’s right. Eddings slash.
Rating: T for teen. Nothing too heavy.
Feedback helps to feed the bunnies. The bunnies help cause the fics. That's all I'm saying...

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Friday, June 10th, 2005

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Posted by:whitetiger_babe.
Time:9:15 am.
Mood: accomplished.
oh yay finally! i have finally learnt how to write in communities! yay!! I'm new here and i can't wait to read all the great stories! lol!

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

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Posted by:zeraphita.
Time:1:44 pm.
Mood: rushed.
uhm, yes. this is the first time i post here.. i just wrote this in about 15 minutes, it's not beta-read or anything, and my english quite sucking at the moment.. also, i have not written anything for ages O_o;; yet i hope some of you may like it ^____^ comments are very much appreciated!

Title: Praying
Author: your humble me
Wordcount: 309
Disclaimer: characters etc are all property by david eddings
Warnings: not any, really
Pairing: suggested Stragen/Bevier

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Monday, April 25th, 2005

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Posted by:pickybitch.
Time:3:20 am.
Newbie! I'm entering with a little plot bunny that THWACKED me inna HEAD while I was rereading DLoK and wouldn't let me go. Anyway...hope you like. Please comment if you do...I'm starting to think I'm nuts.

Something that Never Happened in Mal Zeth
by Danii
Summary: A certain scene from Demon Lord of Karanda plays out a little differently from how it happened in the book.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. All characters, places, etc, in here aren't mine and I don't profit. All that's mine is the plot bunny...and that's only cause no one else wanted it and I found it under a window with an old lamp and a shoe.
Distribution: Wherever. Just lemme know and put my name on it.
Dedication: To Abby and Ji and Beth and Tracy and Lars and Deb...because you all make my life a better place to be.
Notes: The italicized text in the beginning and end are quotes directly from pages 163 and 164 of David Edding's Demon Lord of Karanda.
Warning: Slash. As in male/male relations of the non-platonic kind. If you don't like, avoid.
Ship: Garion/Zakath

And now:

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Friday, January 28th, 2005

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Subject:Writing Lessons (for all you fanfic authors out there)
Posted by:lerouret_9999.
Time:12:02 pm.
Mood: enthralled.
(note- I posted this on my personal LJ too)

Don Farmer, a writer for our local paper The Dunwoody Crier, often has articles that elicit a snort or two from me. This week's was a doozy. He lists some of the winning entries for San Jose State University's "Dark and Stormy Night" contest – the worst imaginary opening lines of the worst imaginary novels – and, because I am a kind and benevolent person, I thought I would share the joy.

Brace yourselves.

"With a curvaceous figure that Venus would have envied, a tanned, unblemished oval face framed with lustrous thick brown hair, deep azure-blue eyes fringed with long black lashes, perfect teeth that vied for competition, and a small straight nose, Marilee had a beauty that defied description."

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

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Posted by:akteri.
Time:1:33 pm.
Okay - I would really appreciate your thoughts on this question. I've been contemplating it a bit lately and have some opinions. I want to see how everyone else feels.


We all know what it seems to take to be popular in the real world, but what do you think makes a person popular online, on things like livejournal, myspace, or IRC?

x-posted everywhere I can think of

Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

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Posted by:lerouret_9999.
Time:10:45 am.
Mood: curious.
I'm in desperate need of plot-bunnies ... for those of you who have read "Miseth," I'm looking for ideas as to how Hettar and Mandorallen ought to handle Silk's deception. Any thoughts, smutty/wicked/angsty/fluffy/otherwise? Thanks!

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Subject:Second Half
Posted by:lerouret_9999.
Time:10:15 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Here's the rest of it -- enjoy! Oh, and no snerking allowed.

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Subject:So, you want smut, eh?
Posted by:lerouret_9999.
Time:10:11 am.
I wrote this a while ago, and thought I'd try posting it up here. It's too long (even with the lj-cut) to post all in one, so I'll put it half-and-half. Oh, and no skipping forward to the good stuff! That's not on!

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Friday, December 24th, 2004

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Posted by:audragn.
Time:9:55 pm.
so i just bought The Treasured One (book II of The Dreamers) by our beloved eddings' as a stocking stuffer for myself. anyway, i'm not sure if the rest of you are familiar with the series, but if you are/aren't, lemme be the first to say "OMFG THE POSSIBILITIES" especially for chan and brother/brother & sister/sister slash.

*sigh* might have to do something about those little pr0nish bunnies floating around up there.

oh, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/etc.

Monday, December 13th, 2004

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Subject:My latest R-rated slashy fic!
Posted by:lerouret_9999.
Time:9:11 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

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Subject:Midnight Liasons
Posted by:audragn.
Time:1:35 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Title: Midnight Liasons
Author: Me!
Disclaimer: Characters are property of David Eddings- I'm just twisting them to meet my own kinkish needs.
Synopsis: Sparhawk and Kalten have a little midnight tryst.
Warnings: None, really.
Rating: NC-17
Midnight LiasonsCollapse )

Monday, October 4th, 2004

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Subject:The Talen/Berit lemon
Posted by:butterballs.
Time:11:21 am.
Mood: blah.
Okie cokie, folks, here it is -- Talen's dominant in that chapter. I didn't write it; Hikari the Pure did and it's his first lemon so he's kind of nervous, I think. As well as being his first lemon it's my first go at betaing something, lol. Go on, you know you want to read it...

Thursday, September 30th, 2004

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Posted by:butterballs.
Time:3:37 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
A friend of mine needs to know the names of all of Kurik's sons for a future fic. I've checked everywhere and apart from Khalad and Talen, they seem to be referred to as just that: 'Kurik's sons'. He says he'll add more to the Berit/Talen lemon part of his current fic (never said I couldn't be bribed =p) so if anybody could help, I'd be very grateful!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

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Posted by:ce_nedra_.
Time:5:02 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Ooh, I can't believe it! A Eddings slash community *stares in wonder*! I've been looking all over the net for that! Just wanted to say hi. ^_^ No I'm gonna go and read a few fics. If I happen to find some Garion/Zakath smut around here, my happiness will be complete. But I'll read anything really. ;)
Oh and btw, I know of this Eddings fanfiction site, it's mostly het, sorry, but there's one pretty good Liselle/Ce'Nedra femslash, right at the end of the page, it's called "When the king is away" or something like that... You probably know of it already, but I'll post the link anyway...
Here it is: http://kryogenix.org/afe/fanfic

Oh and if any of you know about some other websites, I'll greatly appreciate it if you can give me the links. Thanks ^_^

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